Rent Your Property

Own a home, cottage or cabin in the Adirondacks? Let us evaluate your property and discover its rental value!

Our goal is to make owning a rental home in the Adirondacks a great experience for you. We are a full service provider of vacation rental marketing and care-taking. For more information about our program email or call 315-415-2804. If you are buying, feel free to drop us a quick email to request home criteria that are important for rentals. We are glad to provide rental income estimates for homeowners and buyers.

Getting Started

The process is quite easy assuming your home is in good repair. In most cases, no out of pocket expense is required. And we are flexible regarding amenities. We gather detailed information about your objectives and your home and develop a customized plan for how we will manage your rentals.

Marketing and Rentals

We achieve outstanding results for our homeowners by aggressively and intelligently marketing our homes through the most popular and cost effective channels. 

A Trusted Partner

You are entrusting us with care of a personal and valuable asset, your home. We take that responsibility very seriously. We are flexible in how we work with you to manage your home's rentals. Some homeowners like to be very involved with maintenance while others prefer a more hands off approach. Either way works well with us. We have no restrictions on when you use your home or block it out for friends and family. This is your home and we are glad to work with you in the way you wish.

Rental Management

Our services include complete end-to-end management of all aspects of the rental process. We manage marketing campaigns, make bookings, collect payments, communicate with guests prior to arrival, provide directions and a list of what is provided at the home, provide service to guests during their stay and gather feedback after departure.

Cost Management

Renting a home is a business endeavor and there are costs to maintaining a home. Our fees are the lowest we have seen in our marketplace which helps lower your costs. And we always work to find the most sensible, economical solution to maintenance needs as they arise.

Occupancy Taxes

We collect all applicable occupancy tax required by state and local authorities on behalf of our owners. These taxes are paid by the rental guest but are the responsibility of the owner to file. This service is included in our basic management fee.

Rental Pricing

The rates offered for renting your home should match the goals you have for renting your home. Some owners want to price more aggressively while others prefer to price at more premium prices and get greater reward for each rental. We will strategize the best approach for you and will base pricing on your objectives.

Our Website

We made our website very easy to use by including a host of features which helps guests find what they are looking for and make their reservation.  Our goal is to create bookings for your property through our website, because these bookings are best for your bottom line.

Guest Accountability

We are clear with guests about their responsibility to treat each property with respect and care. We require the names and ages of all guests who will visit the home. We monitor the composition of rental parties and reserve the right to cancel a reservation if we do not a feel there is a good fit between the guests and the home.


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